My name is Negele Hospedales, but for any of y’all that know me personally (or whatever the internet equivalent of “personally” is), you might know me as Hospey.

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Truthfully, there’s not really that much to know about me. I’m 22 years old from Victoria, Canada. A recent college graduate, and a full-time internet pleb. I’m a music nerd who has been creating on various platforms and mediums for as long as I can remember, and more recently I’ve found my calling as a wordsmith of sorts. Alongside my team over on my first blog, Redleafgoldteeth (RLGT), we did ~200,000 page views within our first 2 full years on original content pertaining to music, lifestyle, and general urban culture (all while each of us juggled full university course-loads). An experience that I never expected and never sought after, it has definitely been one of my biggest accomplishments thus far.


Now graduated, and taking a step away from RLGT for the moment, it’s time to do something new; I want to see the world. Starting with Australia, 2017 will serve as my first real adventure internationally. What better way to encapsulate the experience than to write my woes, and maybe take some cool pics along the way? All this to the tune of some of my favorite music.

Let’s make one thing clear: This isn’t a travel blog.

In what has served as a pretty traditional life so far, this little chunk of my life represents finally getting the chance to do exactly what I want – the only catalyst to my future.

While documenting everything that is going on in my life, don’t necessarily expect some life altering enlightening realizations to be dropped on you, or a set of travel tips and spots, etc. Here and there I might happen to learn something (by accident, of course), or happen to come across a spot so great that I can’t help but recommend it, but rest assured that I understand exactly how corny travel bloggers come across.

But… ya. See you soon, I guess.

And tell your friends.