Interlude: How To Make Every Day Feel Like A Sunday

Wedged somewhere between the immature relief of Friday, the familiar hangover of Saturday, and the persistent Monday blues, is the unique & beautiful solace of Sunday. Yes, Sunday is arguably the best day of the week for many reasons. It really is no surprise that so many musicians have written ballads dedicated to the first day of the week, but perhaps Etta James said it best when she said: “I want that Sunday kind of love

Learn about why every sunny morning is a Sunday morning, and listen to a new Apple Music playlist of all the best feel-good Sunday songs to help you recreate those warm weekend hues.

How To Make Every Day Feel Like A Sunday


You look so much better when you, you look so much better when you smile… I don’t want you to just be happy, because then you have to have something happening, I want you to have JOY

Aint no time like the present, I believe in blessings, I believe in you

This feels so good… got me in the mood, for love I don’t know your horoscope, but I know that you keep me close

For whatever reason, aside from the obvious gospel connections in a few of these lyrics, I’ve got some sort of feeling that each of these songs was written about a Sunday. Have you ever noticed how many songs, gospel or not, are about Sundays? It can’t just be a coincidence…

To some, Sunday morning was going to church with your grandma when you were growing up (play: “Sunday Candy“), while it was Sunday morning cartoons with siblings for others; To many, Sunday morning is the Flower Market, and Sunday night is football with pops; To me, every sunny morning is Sunday morning. It’s those mornings when you wake up without a thing on your mind aside from the sweat on your furrowed brows as your face smoothes out as it adjusts to the light, while the rays of the sun as they extend their reach into your room as if a gesture to pull you up to the window. Sunday is walking down the stairs, filled with feels akin to Christmas morning, as you lay eyes on the common areas of your home for what feels like the first time. It’s gained importance under the warm, golden glow – it’s a maximum capacity showing, packed with soul regardless of souls.

Sunday is calling up your friends (play: “Someone That Loves You“) to go to the Broadway Market: Fresh eggs, bread, bacon, and fruit. The champagne probably doesn’t fit the brunch budget but its okay because the pure passion radiating from the company surrounding you is enough to slip you into an intoxicated state of delirium, wherein everything wrong feels non-existent, and everything good feels so-damn good (play: “Feels So Good“).

Sunday is putting on a playlist of all of your favourite happy songs and dancing around the house with the curtains open. In the case that you don’t have a feel-good go-to of your own, you’re in luck because I’ve shared mine below (click here, or find me on Apple Music at @hospey) so that you can celebrate the day with Goldlink, Peter Cottontale, HONNE, and co.

With this at hand alongside the belief that Sunday is a mindset, every sunny morning can be a Sunday morning.

Playlist: [Every Sunny Morning Is A Sunday Morning]

[Transcribed from a journal entry on February 12th, 2019 – thanks for the book, Madi]

-A how to,
by hosp.

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