Different Day / Same Hangover


2 Weeks / Different Day, Same Hangover

[April 29th, 2018]
I’ve said my goodbyes, so I guess my latest trip officially starts right now.

Though I don’t actually head out to London for another 2 weeks, mentally I’m already checked out. Last night was my best friend’s 24th birthday (rightfully themed to the 2000’s – a time of carelessness we all kind of wish we could revisit). It was one of those instantly nostalgic feeling get-togethers; I’m not sure if it was the theme or the people, but everything felt like it never skipped a beat. I call this effect “different day, same hangover”. Regardless, it will serve as a pinpoint on this group’s rocky existential timeline that will probably continue along until we collectively become the 10th season of Friends and become too highly paid to care anymore. This morning followed suit with a ceremonial group brunch – truncated by my early exit – and now I’m on the ferry back home.

I think the last set of goodbyes before long-term travels are always kind of weird because no one really knows what to say. Like, “bye [for now?] – hope you don’t die somewhere exotic, I guess”. I don’t know, maybe I’m the only one who thinks like this.

Skiptracing by Mild High Club is playing, and it seems very suitable all the way down to the name of the band.

Anyways – 2 weeks. Since starting this little pseudo travel blog a year ago, I’m a lot better traveled than before. The last 16 or so months have been eventful (ideally, by now I’ve just published my year in review, and you’re able to read that HERE. If not, well, this is awkward), and even though life constantly feels slow, part of me knows that I’m probably going to be in for an incredibly eventful summer. You know, ‘the best summer ever’ type vibes; the way that the lead up to every summer usually feels.

I’ve spoken about the idea of an endless summer before, so I’ll try to spare the resonance, but I think I’m finally starting to get excited. I’ll be heading into Europe and the UK for my first time ever, setting up shop in London and hoping to make it out unscathed (well maybe a little scathed). I don’t have any jobs lined up besides a few leads, I have no place to stay yet, and if we’re being realistic I probably don’t have enough money in my bank account to be entering a foreign country with the type of plans that I have.

A year ago, I still wouldn’t have been terrified, but I would’ve definitely been wary. Seeing as ‘planning’ didn’t do me so well the first time around, and that most of my more spontaneous outings have played out well in one way or another, I’m very okay with it this time.

I spent the first two months of 2018 living in Los Angeles. (Also, I hate how much I’ve used the word “I” so far in this – I’m gonna get to back to my regular how-to style for the next one. Bare with me, I’m trying to get myself excited to document life again. I had to get myself excited about life again first, so this is merely the second step). L.A. was one of those trips where people would ask me what I was going out there to do and I would tell them “basically the same thing I do at home – but it’s sunny there”. In all reality, it was probably the best solo trip that I’ve had so far. I think I realized how helpful it is to be around other starving creatives. It turned the theory that most of my internet friends are willing to help me out more than my real friends into law.


me, recently.

Where was I again? Oh right, 2 weeks left. (Repetition is a drug, according to Jermaine). Packing, preparing, praying… and push-ups? Honestly, I don’t think any of this stuff will directly correlate to a good trip as much as an open mind and a shot-shooters touch can, but hey, I’d be remiss not to leave my mother with a little peace of mind before I fly the coup.

I don’t really have anything else to say besides that I don’t actually know anything about UK culture besides that a peace-sign facing the wrong direction means a bad word and that my tea game is about to be ELEVATED. Can someone inform me what context to use the word “Peng” in? Because it sounds rad and I intend to use it as much as possible.

But yeah, if you stay out in London and want to link – maybe go for a photo walk – hit my line. Otherwise stay tuned, and hopefully, I’ll find some time in between life to tell you some more stories. I have a lot of good ones from this past year, though you’ll probably never hear them.

(I believe in life’s parallels, so if you were wondering by the end of this entry has been so awkward and sudden then scroll back to up to the first point I was making about weird goodbyes.)

Bye for now – don’t die somewhere exotic,


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