Throwaways: Los Angeles

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Los Angeles, the city the angels creativity.

Since April, I’ve been in and out of California on 4 different occasions, with the 2 most recent coming via a road trip with one of my best friends in September, and an impromptu journey to Complexcon (no thanks to Delta..) to reconnect with some old friends and formally meet some new ones – both in Los Angeles. Every excuse I have, I try to go. It’s just one of those fairy-tale places for a creative, that is somehow just as good as advertised (at least on the surface).


Everywhere has its fakes and foes, and legitimate drawbacks, but there’s a reason that the California dream has been attracting dreamers for generations on end. Vintages sales on this corner, spontaneous photo shoot on the other three; A music festival one weekend, and streetwear convention the next; Daytime meetings at Capital Records, evening networking over some Korean BBQ, and a legendary studio session to close the night (more about that story, soon). Its as if everyone here does something. And of course, the weather doesn’t hurt.

L.A. based dream-chasers have had their fair shares of tragedy, and every broken-down, weary face will make you wonder what their failed choice of medium once was – but the thriving pretenders that make appearances daily, personifying the proverb “fake it ’til you make it”, will provide more than enough reason for you to deliver your best work yet.

I have a feeling I’ll be back soon. Thanks, L.A.


(P.S. I’ve been working on a lot of new stuff; more soon. Check out my medium page to see some more of the my recent work.)

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