Interlude: Long Story, Long


Some of my friends know my stories as the ultra-trademarked “Hospey long story long“. As suggested by the name, I’m not the best at telling a story, without telling your about EVERY-SINGLE-EXCRUCIATING-DETAIL. It’s not that I’m actually that anal about details, I think it’s just kind of how my mind works; When I’m telling stories, I start thinking of every single piece of context in regards to how I know every person involved in the story, the days leading up to said event, the weather that day, and what color my shoes were (…you get the point).

photo (34)

A long story-worthy day in LA recently, with my good friends Thirdstory. Remind me to tell that one, one day…

As tedious as it is for my poor semi-consenting listeners, I love my stories. I’m a story-teller by trade, and I’d rather tell a long, meaningless story with a lot of ups-and-downs, rather than a short, explosive story (lets be honest, nobody likes a mere 3.5 mins of fun and excitement… or so I’ve been told). If you want an example of a *classic* (read as: BLASSIC) Hospey long story long, go check out this paragon from my RLGTcanada days titled “Curve Chronicles: The First Curve Is The Deepest” – a wonderful tale about the first time young-Hosp got curved by a girl.

Similar to my unrivaled story-telling skills, some of the greatest songs of all-time are also some of the longest songs in history. While most songs sit anywhere between a quick & painless three minutes, all the way to the fun & familiar five minutes, that six to ten minute mark is where the real gems lie. No, not every song can be seven minutes long, and no, not every topic is meant to be spelt out over a nine minute ballad. But every once in a while the stars allign and the heavens open up, and our favourite artists are sent to bless our delicate ears with tunes so beautiful that it could only be considered as a crime to the galaxy to be snipped prematurely. And sure, this has happened before and we’ve had to pay for it: Donald Glover, when he gave us what could only be called a small part of “Letter Home”, ringing it at a measely 1:43, or Frank Ocean’s interlude length roller-coaster “Pretty Sweet” (none of which are to be confused with tracks so perfectly truncated, like Goldlink’s amazing expression of emotion “When I Die”).

But, Frank, for example, has more than made up for these sins, with the one of the strangest long story long cases of all time: “Nights”, Blonde’s 3-part maze capable of tranporting any unsuspecting creative from the brightest pinnacles of day to the darkest peaks of nighttime, is only 5:07 in length. Though only barely eclipsing the five minute mark that I cited earlier, “Nights” has some sort of magical quality that will make you feel like you’ve been listening for at least eight. Needless to say, it makes the cut.

Alongside some definitively long tracks like Kanye West’s “Runaway”, and “The Day That Never Comes” by Metallica, this week’s playlist theme is my favorite long songs of all time – with a couple bonuses of course. Leave a comment below, and let me know what are some of your favorite extended plays! (This is my first playlist that I’ve published on Spotify and I’m going to be starting a weekly curated list soon, so leave me a follow!)

Interlude: Long Story Long

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