Throwaways: Byron Bay






Byron Bay was the quintessential beach town vacation spot. As a newly formed clique, we swiftly made the transition from 2 European’s & a couple of Canadian FOB’s to a set of slightly less functional, fully less productive hippies. Nearly every meal was consumed on a curb in front the establishment that we overpaid for it at, and footwear was always optional. The beach was less of a pit-stop and more of an assumed starting point. We were all ‘locals’ for the week.

Starting off as a trek to what I figured would be just another beach town that was well over-hyped (it seemed to be on everybody’s recommendation list) soon turned into an iconicized adventure straight out of an old movie, with an equally iconic strip of 35mm to accompany it. My first time shooting in black & white was admittedly nerve-racking considering disposable cameras don’t always give you much to work with, and without a sample to play off of I was merely an amateur with a white cane.

Although some of my l8 night shots came out completely black, I’m pretty happy with what I ended up with and I definitely ended up with more usable shots than my first roll (+ my new favourite shot of all time – guess which one hint: it involves a confectionary smile). I think I’m going to play around with black & white some more.

Next time someone oversells Byron Bay (or a black & white disposable camera) to you… just take their word for it.


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