Interlude: I’m Thinking About Horses


I’m not much of a poet, and I don’t know my 5-7-5’s from my 5-7-5-7-7’s. I’ve got friends that write poems, and I’ve been interested in the craft for a while, but I’ve never pursued any deeper interest in it. Mike Posner of all people (yes, the “Cooler Than Me” guy), might’ve just changed that for me.

I’ve been spending a lot of time by myself which has its shortcomings, but also its benefits – one of which is getting a lot more time to listen to new music or projects that I’ve been meaning to check out. Although it was less of a wait this time around, I finally got around to listening to the edgy self-titled debut from Mansionz (composed of veteran underground all-stars Mike Posner & Blackbear). Besides the fact that I’m a closeted Blackbear stan and that they tapped Dennis Rodman for a feature verse, the production quality alone between the pair made this a probable project to enjoy.

I listened to a few singles beforehand but after hearing nothing that really excited me, it was put it on the back-burner with Drake & Goldlink dropping projects in the same time frame. It wasn’t until I decided to embark on an 18K walk to catch up on music that the blaring background music from the Batman bad-guy lookalikes started to make an impact.

Sonically, Mansionz is near perfection. The aforementioned production & pairing abilities of both men are unparalleled – they blend the beginning and end of each track to create the feeling of one continuous flow and the execution is flawless. A bevy of two-parters become whole; incognito bump bops two-step with passionate cries of teenaged frustration… even though both men are in their late 20’s. Even the cringeworthy lyrics seem intentional. The seemingly dull singles that turned me away originally now fit like sharp pieces into a little emo puzzle.

Starting with “I’m Thinking About Horses”, the climax of the project is properly placed in the center of the album with a quartet of #sadboi songs that complete the aesthetic. Familiar collaborator G-Eazy even checks in for a surprisingly decent verse to finish it off.

The talents of each artist are showcased and highlighted in a few different parts throughout, though Posner’s solo spoken-word is absolutely on another level. His locution seems perfect, both in realistic relatability and harsh semantics:

I’m thinking about God. I’m thinking about sex
I’ve been holy all day and acted in ways that deserve adjectives like “honorable,” “good,” and “straight”.
But it’s after 10PM now and I’m bored
I watched a movie on the internet alone and now it’s over
I pick up my phone and text every female I know within a 15 mile radius.
It’s a terrible thing that deserves adjectives like “chauvinistic,” “objectifying,” and “asshole-ish” .
I made that up just for myself

Posner thinks about god, sex, his dad, death, and of course, horses. He wonders how such powerful, majestic creatures allow humans to objectify them for a meal ticket; he wonders why we do the same.

Without getting too much deeper, I suggest you check out the poem (above) a couple of times for yourself and try to make sense of it. As a noted before, I don’t know much about this stuff either, but something about it just seems perfect at the moment. To be honest, the dude makes me want to start toying around poetry.

Check out Mike Posner’s recently released book of poetry, teardrops & balloons, here.


Interlude: I’m Thinking About Horses

As noted I’ve been spending a lot more time on this trip by myself, just thinking about my next moves. Perhaps it’s better this way; my constraints stay limited, and my efforts are now focused planning out my next act of spontaneity (that’s an oxymoron, right?). Anyways, the playlist is probably a little different this time around, as my tastes usually mirror my circumstances in the moment.

I’ve included 2 tracks off of Mansionz (look up any of the previewed songs on YouTube), a creepily cool track from Lil Uzi Vert (something about the double entendre in the ‘all my friends are dead’ hook is so damn dope to me), another Bas feature, the soulful Sampha cut off of More Life, and some new Jarreau Vandal to finish it off.

So, ya. Enjoy. Go think about some horses, or something. (This sh*t kind of feels like a book club – listen to my playlist and we’ll discuss next week, haha.)

Postscript:  Another benefit of alone time? I’ve been writing A LOT more. I’ve even challenged myself to write every day, in fact. What good is a writer that doesn’t write? A good man one told me “perfect practice makes perfect”, so I figure that still applies. Not everything will be suited for here or RLGT, but I promise I’m working on some new stuff for y’all. (All 4 of you).

A new how-to & a new edition of Throwaways coming at y’all soon.

HHT Interlude: Vol 2

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