How to Start A Travel Blog:

You’re twenty-something. You’ve saved up the funds and booked the ticket. Bags packed, itinerary set. Only thing left to do, fulfill your creative need. What better way than to start a not-shitty travel blog!

But how? 

hospeyhowtoWATERMARKHere is how to start a travel blog:

Step 1: don’t start a travel blog.

Now I understand that this might sound a little hypocritical coming from what you would probably consider a travel blogger, but just give me a second to explain.

Musicians make music, photographers take photos, painters make paintings. Writers? Well, writers live life… and then write about it.

So in the sense that I am traveling in my real everyday life, and writing about it, then yes I suppose I could be considered a travel blogger. But I think that there is a connotation and certain stigma around being a travel blogger, which isn’t exactly unwarranted.

It seems as if there is this idea that at a certain point in your 20’s you are to wrap your life up into a 50L backpack and head into Europe for a few weeks. Maybe you’ll set up a fancy Instagram account, but you’ll definitely start a blog. You’ll write about all the classic sights and take pictures at all the classic spots. You’ll write about why your soul was incomplete before traveling and how if you don’t travel it’s impossible to live an enriched and complete life. After all, how can you become a ‘woke’ individual unless your parents pay for you to black-out in a few Mediterranean countries for a summer?

Ah that’s right. There is many ways. You could see your country, volunteer in your city, or do your own thing altogether. Hell, you could just continue living your life and choose to be a caring, open-minded individual without having to tell anyone about it. All of these would be considered adequate options as to how to live a happy and complete life.

Now, just as traveling isn’t for everyone, neither is blogging (god, I don’t think I’ve ever addressed how much I hate the word “blog”, in all conjugations). No I can’t actually tell you not to do it, and believe me if you are reading this: I WOULD LOVE FOR YOU TO SUCCEED. But as anyone with a Facebook account and a few ‘well-traveled’ acquaintances from back in high school can tell you, there are FAR too many bad travel blogs out there.

This may be a hard concept to grasp, especially considering that every human’s human experience should and frankly, is beautiful in its own way – this is not the problem. The problem is with travel blogging itself. It’s washed. It’s been done. Too many times. Some decent, most terrible. As the author of almost 400 online articles, not even I don’t feel comfortable attempting to champion a successful AND entertaining travel blog. (And best believe that those 2 things are definitely not the same thing).

Backtracking a little, as a creative I encourage everyone to go out there and find their medium and I get excited every time I see someone that I know choose writing as their own. Part of being a creative is, well, being creative.

Do something new, find a new formula.

Don’t be a travel blogger. (Or, you know. Make a shitty ‘how-to’ website instead 🌚)

-A how-to, by Hospey.

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